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Scalp pigmentation at a new level

Head pigmentation at constant depth without graying the scalp and without blurring of the hair points.

uniQue, because...

Device vibration minimized

Device vibration has been drastically reduced and that is unique on the market. You see the needle tip as a leading point and can work more specifically. Hands tire less quickly.


An additional highlight: you can work up to eight hours with one battery charge.  

Naturally fine hair follicles

With the BM uniQue device, you can pigment the scalp with always 0.2 mm thin color dots. This realistic adaptation creates real-looking hair follicles. 


Over time, these do not become larger or blurred, nor gray, as is the case with other devices. 

Speed customizable

The innovative, adjustable puncture speed brings unbeatable colour entry and best long-term quality with consistent contour sharpness. 


With three different levels, you can adjust the pigmentation exactly to the thickness of the scalp.

Depth limitation especially for the scalp

The device pigments consistently in the medically exactly right depth in order to imitate the naturalness in the best possible way. This works fully automatically and without your intervention, so you can work more relaxed and faster than ever before. 


The colour remains in the skin at the first stitch and shows an unprecedented healing behavior: hardly any lymph is formed, therefore hardly any colour is washed out. There is virtually no crust!


The focus is therefore on work and pigmentation quality.

Convincing short and long term

Microhair pigmentation in comparison

Until now, only permanent make-up devices designed for pigmenting strokes are used worldwide for hair pigmentation. Optimal results are therefore not possible, because hair pigmentation thrives on the finest points.


The redness after pigmentation (see pictures below) is very low, although more than 20,000 stitches were placed in the scalp within about 2.5 hours. Already two days later the redness had completely disappeared, neither scab nor any inflammations formed. Even after six months and four weeks of sunlight in southern areas, the hair points look almost the same as two days after the treatment and after only one treatment.


These are the results that hopefully will convince you. Try BM uniQue. More details can be found in the video channel