uniQue, because...

Head pigmentation at a constant depth without graying the scalp and blurring the hair spots.

Permanent make-up in a single stroke without reciprocating and without encrustation.

Reduction of wrinkles by hyaluron introduction with PicoNeedling. It is working only in the fold valley in constant depth.

Pigmentation on a new level

Permanent makeup | even pigmentation quality

The pigmentation quality is not as precise as you want it even you have a lot of experience and sensitivity. We felt the same way and therefore we have developed a system that reduces work time  and leaves much more room for creative work with the very finest strokes! The colour can now be put under the skin in a single line. There is no need to reciprocate the needle, which means 90% fewer skin injuries with the fastest healing. The result is impressive, reworking is kept to a minimum. The colours do not run and do not turn gray.

Device vibration

The device vibrations have been drastically reduced. As a result, you can see the swinging needle exactly during pigmentation. Due to the unique and patented drive, the lancing frequency was adapted to the usual process speed during pigmentation. This allows a line with optimal stitch density to be pigmented in only a single line. 

Lancing frequency

The lancing frequency was adapted to the speed of movement during pigmentation. Thus, a line with optimal stitch density can be pigmented in a single stroke - without skin-damaging reciprocation. With one colour you can work up to eight hours without constant refilling.

Piercing speed

The innovative adjustable piercing speed ensures a perfect colour input and best long-term quality with consistent sharpness. The colour stays in the skin at the first stroke. The healing behavior is awesome. Only very little lymph will be formed, therefore, virtually no color is flushed out (when used correctly) and no crust develops, which is unrivaled worldwide. 

Long-term result is crucial

Convinced sooner or later

Until now only permanent makeup devices which were developed for the pigmentation of strokes are used for scalp pigmentation. Optimal results are therefore not possible because the scalp pigmentation can be convincing  only with the finest points. The following pictures show the scalp before and after treatment with BM uniQue. Redness after pigmentation is very low, although more than 20,000 stitches were placed in the scalp within approximately 2.5 hours. Just two days later the redness had completely disappeared - neither scab nor any inflammation had formed. Even after six months and four weeks of sun exposure in the southern climes the hair spots look almost exactly the same as they did two days after the treatment - after only a single treatment. These are the results that will hopefully convince you. Just try BM uniQue.  

For more information please have a look at our video channel. 

Natural-looking, fine scalp pigmentation

With BM uniQue you are able to implant pigments as 0.2 mm thin dots- always. These look like real hair follicles and they will not gray nor blur  over time as it can happen with other devices. Of course we carefully match your natural hair colour with high precision to ensure a natural looking result. 

Depth limitation especially for scalp pigmentation

The device implant the pigments consistently in the medically correct depth in order to imitate the naturalness as best as possible. It works fully automatically and without your intervention, so you can work more relaxed and faster than ever before.

Wrinkle reduction by PicoNeedling

Targeted treatment in the valley of the wrinkle

Who does not know them: the small wrinkles that can be made to disappear with PicoNeedling. It is safe and easy to use and shows amazing effects as it is applied directly in the valley of the wrinkle.

With conventional needling devices or multi needle elements needling is rather harmful to the skin because it can not worked purposefully. BM uniQue offers the opportunity to work specifically in the folding valleys - down to the finest detail. In addition only the right medically correct depth can stimulate the growth factors for renewing the skin.